MONDAY 6/12/17 CALLS TO ACTION: With a little help from my friends

I’m going to crib some calls to action from other places today because I’ve been busy working on the new 6th District Democrats website and social media presence. Come visit the site, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. We will be adding much more content so check back often.



From Jen Hoffman’s Activism Checklist, which is always spectacular:

Action: Advocate for healthcare.

Call today. A Senate vote is imminent. Our pressure is working. Speak up for yourself and for those who cannot.

Call: Both of your senators, red or blue (lookup or leave message).

Script: Hi. I’m from _ZIP_ calling to ask _NAME_ to fight for my right to affordable, quality healthcare coverage. Specifically, (list what you want). Ideas:

  1. No gender discrimination and no lifetime caps.
  2. Access to reproductive medicine without cost.
  3. Coverage for all pre-existing conditions.
  4. Cost less than $X per month per person.
  5. Comprehensive Medicare and Medicaid.

Most importantly, share why this is personally significant to you. Thanks!

Action: Advocate for integrity from the US’ highest office.

Call: All three MoCs (lookup or leave message).

Script: Hi. I’m from _ZIP_ and am concerned that our president asked the FBI Director for loyalty and implied that he should stop the investigation of Michael Flynn. Is _NAME_ concerned about this? I expect integrity from our leaders. Could you please tell me what s/he is doing about this lack of integrity? (pause) Thank you.



From RISE Together NC:

Fair Districts Now!

On Thursday, the Republican leadership in Raleigh rejected Governor Cooper’s call for a special legislative session to fix the glaring, embarrassing, disenfranchising practice of race–based gerrymandering. In numerous court decisions, the state has been told to remedy this blight by drawing new lines. Moore and Berger are thumbing their noses at the courts, at the rule of law, at the voters of North Carolina, and at decency itself. Various bills are already on the floor of the legislature, some with the support and sponsorship of Republicans. We are calling for nothing less than a total shutdown of law-making activities by the legislature. After all, the representatives there were put in office illegally, and as such, have no right to conduct the business of the people.


I am a constituent calling from _________ to urge Rep. / Sen. ___________ to immediately go into session, as called for by the fairly elected governor, to remedy the illegally drawn district lines that have been repeatedly rejected by courts. Until such time, the legislature, which was elected following illegal criteria, has no moral authority to pass any laws. Thanks for recording my call.




Tuesdays at 10:00  June 13 at 10:00 a.m.  Rep. Walker’s Graham office at 219B West Elm St.  Join us as we take our concerns to the Congressman’s staff for the 16th week.

Joint Program Committee & Executive Committee Meetings – Tuesday June 20, 2017 Program Committee 6-7 PM, Executive Committee 7-8 PM at RCDP Headquarters 803 W. Salisbury St. Asheboro, NC

Documentary, FROM THE ASHES – Parkway United Church of Christ on Thursday, June 15 at 6:30PM in Winston-Salem, NC.  The film focuses on how changes in the coal industry impact local communities, from coal miners in Appalachia to families impacted by air pollution caused by coal power plants in Dallas and families around the Buck Steam Station in Dukeville, NC, who received letters from the state of North Carolina in April 2015 warning them not to drink their water.

Let’s Pack the Courtroom for the League of Women Voters –   US District Court 324 W Market St, Greensboro, North Carolina 27401  The trial begins on June 26th at 9:30 a.m. in Courtroom 3.  The League of Women Voters of NC is going to trial over NC’s ridiculously partisan gerrymandering. If athletes play better when the stands are packed with supporters, let’s assume attorneys do, too!

NCDP Unity Dinner (Formerly Jefferson-Jackson Dinner) July 15, 2017 – Details TBA

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