MONDAY 5/8/17 CALLS TO ACTION: This ain’t going away…

First off, here’s a link to watch the Trump-Russia hearings today. The witnesses today will be The Honorable Sally Q. Yates, Former Acting Attorney General of the United States, Atlanta , GA and The Honorable James R. Clapper, Former Director of National Intelligence of the United States, Fairfax , VA


We’re going to talk about health care again today. We called Mark Walker on Friday about this. We need to keep on him about that travesty of a “healthcare” bill. Let him know how unhappy we are and how ashamed he ought to be about voting to kick 24 million Americans, including veterans and children, off their insurance. In his district alone, that equals 290,000+ 6th District North Carolinians losing their insurance.

To that end, I wanted to let everyone know:

We’ve received an invitation to join the 6th District Indivisible folks Tuesday morning at 10 at Mark Walker’s Graham office, 219B West Elm. They will be discussing his vote in favor of the AHCA/TrumpCare with his staff. These folks are dedicated and go every week to Rep. Walker’s office to make their voices heard.

ICYMI on Facebook, here is a video made by someone from Gaston County, NC who will be directly affected by any change in health coverage, and it is not good. Her Rep. is Patrick McHenry, who is just as big a partisan hack as Mark Walker.

Where do we go from here:

Now we need to start hammering our Senators along with our Representative. Richard Burr and Thom Tillis need to know that, when the Republican Insurance Plan reaches the Senate they would be wise to vote no and also not try to foist their own questionable plan on us. They could be heroes by fixing the parts of the ACA that need fixing. Instead, I fully expect they will make up some slightly-less-horrible version of the House bill and try to slip it through.

SCRIPT:  I am a constituent calling from ________ to urge Senator _________ to please reject the unvetted health care bill passed by the House. Without CBO scores, we can’t know the real impact it will have on our fellow Americans. It will more than likely ration care and increase premiums for hundreds of thousands of North Carolinians for the sake of offering a tax break for the wealthy. Please consign this bill to the trash heap.


Upcoming Events: 

  • RCDP Executive Committee meetingTuesday, May 9th – 7 pm, Randolph County Public Library
    201 Worth St, Asheboro, NC
    , Please join us for our next RCDP Executive Committee meeting in the downstairs meeting room of the Asheboro Public Library.  All Randolph County Democrats and unaffiliated voters are welcome to attend the meeting.


Craft Recreation Center located at 3911 Yanceyville St, Greensboro, NC 27405.
Registration 9 am
Convention 10 am – 1pm

Save the date! The location for the 6th District Democratic Convention is still being set, but it will most likely be in Guilford County. Randolph County District Convention delegates need to save the date for Sat. morning, May 20, 2017. More details coming as soon as we know. We will set up a carpool once we know the location.

Note: If you attended and signed in at the County Convention on April 8th, you are a delegate to the 6th District Convention to be held in Guilford County.  

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