Thinking of changing your party affiliation for the primaries in Randolph County?

It has come to our attention that Democrats around the county are being courted by Republicans associated with the upcoming 2018 Sheriff’s elections to change their party affiliation to Unaffiliated in order to vote in the Republican primary for a particular candidate.

While a voter’s affiliation is their own choice, we would like to remind Randolph County Democrats that if you change your party affiliation to vote in the Republican primary you will be locked in to voting on the Republican primary ballot only. You will not be able to cast a vote for any Democratic candidates in the 2018 Primary election. We currently have four people in the running for the nomination.

The winner of our Democratic Primary will be running against Republican Rep. Mark Walker in November 2018, which makes this a very important election. We would like to have all our registered Democrats’ opinions on who our best candidate is. We encourage you to remain registered as a Democrat and let the Republican Party hash out its own problems.

During primary elections voters are allowed to cast their ballots in the following ways:

Registered Democrats may vote in the Democratic Primary only

Registered Republicans may vote in the Republican Primary only

Registered Libertarians may vote in the Libertarian Primary only

Unaffiliated voters may choose one party’s ballot (Democratic, Republican or Libertarian) and will only be allowed to vote on candidates affiliated with the party whose ballot they chose to vote.

In the general election in November, voters may vote for whomever is on the ballot, regardless of party.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us:

Message line: 336-629-9003


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