We’re still learning all the new and creative ways that the Trump budget is going to hurt us. It’s almost as if Republicans in Congress sat down and thought “what would be the most cruel and tone-deaf ideas we could possibly come up with?”  Then they formed a budget around those ideas. Paul Ryan must be cackling with glee while thinking about children going hungry and old people having to choose between medicine and food. Not to worry, though, soon he’ll cut out Medicare for senior citizens and they won’t have to worry about making that choice anymore. Whew!

Call your members of Congress: Richard Burr, Thom Tillis and Mark Walker and let them know that we will not stand for our fellow North Carolinians and fellow Americans being treated like second class citizens just because Republicans in Congress want to cut taxes for the wealthy.

SCRIPT: I am calling from _________ in Randolph County and I want to urge Rep/Sen _________ to do a better job in helping the poor, indigent and disabled in our country. If this budget proposed by the President and touted by Mick Mulvaney is supposed to be compassionate conservatism in action, then we want no part of it. The fact that the party in power is fine with taking food out of the mouths of children and the elderly by eliminating SNAP benefits is exactly the kind of tone-deaf move that we have come to expect from the GOP. People don’t care about deficits, they care about feeding their families. We are paying close attention to how you vote on this and we, in turn, will vote accordingly come election time. Thank you.

Trump’s budget would cut off food for poor people if they have too many kids – “In a separate, closely related measure, Trump’s budget also proposes eliminating the minimum SNAP allotment of $16 per month for households with one or two people. The individuals who receive the SNAP minimum are most frequently low-income seniors and people with disabilities who have smaller households and higher incomes relative to others in their cohort.”

Begrudging seniors and disabled people $16 a month is the pinnacle of Republican greed and hubris.

Donald Trump to Hungry Seniors: Drop Dead – “And at his March news conference, Mulvaney disdainfully told reporters Meals on Wheels didn’t help the people it was designed to serve. “Meals on Wheels sounds great,” but “to take that federal money and give it to the states, and say, ‘Look, we want to give you money for programs that don’t work’—I can’t defend that anymore.”

What a guy.

In the meantime, while our lawmakers are throwing the poor and indigent under the bus, we need to find a way to keep these folks fed and housed. Visit the following link for a very thorough list of food pantries and other places in Randolph County that provide assistance for clothing, utilities, emergency shelter, etc. Please share this link with anyone you think might need help.

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