TUESDAY 6/13/17 CALLS TO ACTION: Smokescreen?

Light up their phones

US Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard “Secessions” III will be delivering testimony in an open hearing in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee today. This comes after a week of saying that he would only testify in a closed session. Be wary, though. Lately, whenever there is high profile testimony to be had it means Congress is engaged in some shenanigans. Last week while former FBI director James Comey was testifying, the House was voting to repeal Dodd-Frank and pass the Financial CHOICE Act, rolling back protections for consumers and allowing banks to, once again, allow for the conditions that crashed the economy in 2008. Yay!

I don’t have inside information, but we do know that the Senate is poised to unleash its version of the ACA repeal. A group of thirteen old white men have cobbled this thing together behind closed doors and plan on pushing it through the Senate at lightning speed. This could be the opportune time to slip it through while we’re looking the other way. Be on the lookout tomorrow.

That being said, Republican senators say their phones aren’t ringing to save the ACA. So, we need to be calling unceasingly. The above link has the contact numbers and names of the health legislative assistants for each office for all 100 senators. If you know someone in another state, share this link and encourage those folks to call their senators.

Trumpcare is not dead yet. How do we kill it?

Information on Stopping Trumpcare from Indivisible Guide


Visit the NC 6th District Democrats’ website to sign the petition calling for non-partisan redistricting by our legislators in Raleigh.




Joint Program Committee & Executive Committee Meetings – Tuesday June 20, 2017 Program Committee 6-7 PM, Executive Committee 7-8 PM at RCDP Headquarters 803 W. Salisbury St. Asheboro, NC

Documentary, FROM THE ASHES – Parkway United Church of Christ on Thursday, June 15 at 6:30PM in Winston-Salem, NC.  The film focuses on how changes in the coal industry impact local communities, from coal miners in Appalachia to families impacted by air pollution caused by coal power plants in Dallas and families around the Buck Steam Station in Dukeville, NC, who received letters from the state of North Carolina in April 2015 warning them not to drink their water.

Let’s Pack the Courtroom for the League of Women Voters –   US District Court 324 W Market St, Greensboro, North Carolina 27401  The trial begins on June 26th at 9:30 a.m. in Courtroom 3.  The League of Women Voters of NC is going to trial over NC’s ridiculously partisan gerrymandering. If athletes play better when the stands are packed with supporters, let’s assume attorneys do, too!

NCDP Unity Dinner (Formerly Jefferson-Jackson Dinner) July 15, 2017 – Details TBA

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