WEDNESDAY 5/24/17 CALLS TO ACTION: Hit ’em where it hurts

Let’s mix things up a bit today. Instead of calling legislators, lets see about getting some sanctions against horrible people in the media. For instance, Sleeping Giants has made it their mission to take down Breitbart and other racist, anti-Semitic organizations by putting pressure on the people who advertise on their websites.

Here is their most recent call to action:

If you scroll down through their Facebook timeline there’s all sorts of good stuff they’re doing to put pressure on companies who advertise on sites that condone hate speech.


Stick it to Hannity

I probably don’t have to tell you how odious Sean Hannity is, but lately he’s been a bootlicker extraordinaire for Trump, finding any way possible to contort the truth about Trump’s ties to Russia. Hannity has also recently been hammering the fake news story that a DNC staffer, Seth Rich,  was mysteriously killed during election season. Hannity is saying that this staffer is another on the Clinton Death List (remember that nonsense?). The Rich family has sent a cease and desist letter to Fox, but Hannity keeps on flapping his gums.

Then there’s this list of advertisers on Sean Hannity’s show.

I’d be willing to bet all these companies have Facebook pages or Twitter accounts. I’m sure they have contact numbers on their websites. If you’re feeling froggy, why not give some of them a call, email or social media callout. I’ll put links for the Facebook pages for first few in the list:

Alfa Romeo


Angie’s List



Blink Health

Boehringer Ingelheim

Capital One




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