Democratic Women of Randolph County have a long standing history of being the worker bees of the party. Just look around the room of any gathering and you’ll see the best of the best! Our members strive to make our community a better place and they do it with poise and finesse!

Now is that time of year when we make a commitment to ourselves and our community that this group of amazing women (and a few good men) will continue to promote our Democratic values and elect Democratic candidates. Take this letter and start this year’s journey.

Your support by either maintaining your membership or becoming a new member will make the difference in our success. Yearly dues are $15.00.  Eleven dollars of your paid membership, stays here in Randolph County. The other four goes to the Democratic Women of NC; making your entire contribution for local elections and those run on a state level crucial to electing Democratic Candidates.

Mail Your Check to:
Democratic Women of Randolph County
PO Box 4814
Asheboro, NC 27204