Online bidding on these and our single item auctions will close at 3:00PM on Saturday September 23.

These are the gift baskets we will have available for blind auction at the Defending Democracy Blue Jean Gala on Saturday September 23rd. We reserve the right to add more relevant items to each basket should they become available. You never know what we might surprise you with!

Interested parties may place bids on any of the auctions. Bid amounts are unknown to everyone but the person placing the bid. Whoever places the highest bid wins that particular item or basket of items. You may place a bid during the Gala or you may bid online right now using the links below.

Please do not place a bid if you do not intend to honor it if you win.

Follow this link to our single item auctions for Dwight Holland’s pottery, Benjamin Burns’ pottery and other special items listed individually for auction.

Click on the photo of the basket for more information or to place a bid.

Activist’s Kit Basket


Christmas Cheer Basket


Cookie Jar Basket


Copper Jack-O-Lantern Basket



Cotton Mill Bar Set Basket


Drinks with Friends Basket


Halloween Wreath Basket


I Love NC Basket


Noah’s Ark Pottery Basket


Red Hare Pottery Basket


Soups for Syria Basket


Wine Picnic Basket