THURSDAY 5/18/17 CALLS TO ACTION: When partisans attack!

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Special counsel appointed in Russia probe





Call Senators, Burr and Tillis

BURR SCRIPT: I am a constituent calling from ____________ in NC. I want to let Sen. Burr know that he needs to get on the ball about investigating the connections between Donald Trump and Russia, with regards to their tampering with our elections. The Senator has the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of the Honorable Senator Sam Ervin by putting country before party and investigating Donald Trump to the fullest extent possible. We are watching what the Senator does with the responsibility he now holds. Either get moving or get out of the way. Thank you for your time.

TILLIS SCRIPT: I am a constituent calling from ____________ in NC. I wanted to make it known that we expect Senator Tillis to urge his fellow Senator, Richard Burr to investigate Donald Trump’s ties to Russia. Senator Tillis has an opportunity here to be a hero by pressing for a fully staffed and operational investigative committee. History will not look kindly upon those who stand by and do nothing while our republic is handed to the Russians. Thank you for your time.

**As you may have heard, Thom Tillis had a medical emergency yesterday at a charity event in DC. Please use this opportunity to wish him well. We may disagree policy-wise, but he his a human being and we don’t wish him ill health. If anything we hope this will help him realize how important affordable, accessible healthcare is for everyone, not just Senators.



Send a thank you to Rep. Walter Jones R-NC 3, for signing on to a bill calling for an independent commission to investigate Trump’s ties to Russia.

Call (202) 225-3415
Contact via Email & Office locations:
Twitter: @RepWalterJones

Too bad NC6’s Mark Walker hasn’t the stomach to agree. Maybe you should mention it to him. Be careful, though, he might try to duck the question.


As if telling the Russians everything he knows or thinks he knows wasn’t enough, Trump’s ne’er-do-well friends are now allowing their bodyguards to come into our country and beat up Kurdish protesters in Washington DC.

Turkish Dictator’s Suited Thugs Beat Up Protesters on Embassy Row – “Shortly following a White House visit by Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who recently consolidated power for himself in a narrow, contested referendum vote, witnesses say Erdogan’s bodyguards attacked protesters carrying the Kurdish PYD flag outside the Turkish ambassador’s D.C. residence.”

Evidently this isn’t the first time Erdogan’s thugs have attacked protesters in the US. In March 2016, Erdogan’s security guards reportedly attacked demonstrators and journalists outside the Brookings Institution in Washington. What a guy!


Call the White House Comment Line at at 202-456-1111 and let them know that this kind of behavior is unacceptable and that the Turkish president and his entourage need to be unceremoniously given the boot from this country because of this.

If you’d like to contact the Department of State about this atrocity, use this contact form:





Here’s a nice little Throwback Thursday tidbit from Stronger NC: Stories of Resistance in NC We North Carolinians have never been ones to just sit down and do what we’re told.



There are reports coming from resisters in activist groups around our area saying that the person answering the phone in Phil Berger’s office has been grouchy and hateful to callers who do not agree with Sen. Berger’s viewpoints. Being the President Pro Tempore of the NC Senate, you’d think Mr. Berger would want to hear from all North Carolinians and not shirk his duty as a legislator and head of the Senate. Give Mr. Berger’s office a call about the Senate budget recently passed in the middle of the night, which cut education funding from Democratic districts. If the person answering the phone is hateful to you, let your friends on social media and in real life know about it. Last I checked, our taxes pay their salaries. They work for us.

SCRIPT:  I am a North Carolina resident. I wanted to let the Senator know how underhanded the 3am vote to cut education funding in the districts of Senate Democrats was. Politicians who behave like this are the reason people hate politicians. These kinds of actions do all North Carolinians a disservice and are an embarrassment to our state, the Senator’s district and the Republican Party. I urge the Senator to start putting people before his party and make better decisions for our state and district. Thank you.



Craft Recreation Center located at 3911 Yanceyville St, Greensboro, NC 27405.
Registration 9 am
Convention 10 am – 1pm

Save the date! The location for the 6th District Democratic Convention is still being set, but it will most likely be in Guilford County. Randolph County District Convention delegates need to save the date for Sat. morning, May 20, 2017. More details coming as soon as we know. We will set up a carpool once we know the location.

Note: If you attended and signed in at the County Convention on April 8th, you are a delegate to the 6th District Convention to be held in Guilford County.  



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