WEDNESDAY 6/7/17 CALLS TO ACTION: This is NC, not the OK Corral


Let’s concentrate on our home state today while we’re gearing up for the James Comey testimony on Thursday. I am popping all the popcorn I possibly can! Hopefully this will be the beginning of taking down Cheeto von Tweeto and his band of merry morons.




Having solved all other problems in North Carolina Republican senators are now pushing for a bill to add an amendment to the NC Constitution by way of a ballot referendum to safeguard hunting and fishing.  The “party of fiscal responsibility” wasting time and money on a bill that Richard Hamilton of the Wildlife Federation says is unnecessary.  “We do have some concern about the traditional uses,” Hamilton said. “This would put in the constitution that a person can use traditional means to take wildlife and that the traditional means go, all the way back to setting traps in the river and all kinds of things that have been outlawed.”  

My guess is they want to codify this in our constitution so that when any effort is made to pass any kind of meaningful gun control laws they will cite the NC Constitution as a reason they cannot pass anything.

Call your Senators Jerry Tillman, Rick Gunn and let them know that there are more important things they need to be concentrating on.

SCRIPT: I am a constituent calling from the senator’s district. I want to urge the Senator to withdraw any support for this unnecessary bill. It is already legal to hunt and fish in North Carolina and need not be an amendment to the Constitution. This is nothing but an attempt to preempt any meaningful gun control legislation that may eventually come down the pipe.  Frankly, North Carolina legislators have bigger fish to fry. Thank you.

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With this in mind, HB746 Permitless Carry is coming for a vote this week in NC. This bill would allow people to carry concealed, loaded guns in public with no safety training and would lower the age to concealed carry to 18. I notice that they’ve included a section that prohibits carrying firearms or other weapons on the premises of the State Capitol, the Executive Mansion, or the Western Residence of the Governor, though. There are so many places firearms aren’t allowed and a lot of them are the exact same places legislators might be. It’s almost as if they are afraid of people carrying concealed weapons. So weird, since they seem to love the idea of concealed, permitless weapons.

Call your Representatives: Allen McNeill, Pat Hurley

SCRIPT: My name is _________ calling from Rep. ____________ district. I would like to urge the Representative to oppose HB 746, the NC Constitutional Carry Act. It is a bad idea for people who have not taken proper handgun training to be able to legally carry a concealed weapon in this manner. It will make it much more dangerous for law enforcement officers to do their jobs when anyone and everyone feels as if they can carry a concealed gun. There is also the danger of untrained people accidentally shooting someone else because of this lack of training in the handling of their weapon. Please oppose this bill. Thank you for your time.



Tuesdays at 10:00 with Rep. Walker’s Staff – Tuesday June 6th, join Indivisible: NC 6th Congressional District for our 15th week as we take our concerns to the Congressman, 219B West Elm St., Graham

Women’s Equal Rights Lobbying Day –  Wednesday June 7, 2:00PM, NCGA House Gallery 16 West Jones St., Raleigh, NC. See link for more details.

Equality March for Unity and Pride – Sunday June 11, 2017 First Ward Park 301 E. Seventh St. Charlotte, NC

Joint Program Committee & Executive Committee Meetings – Tuesday June 20, 2017 Program Committee 6-7 PM, Executive Committee 7-8 PM at RCDP Headquarters 803 W. Salisbury St. Asheboro, NC

NCDP Unity Dinner (Formerly Jefferson-Jackson Dinner) July 15, 2017 – Details TBA

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