FRIDAY 6/9/17 CALLS TO ACTION: It’s good for me but not for thee

FEDERAL: As expected, the House passed the CHOICE Act along party lines yesterday. “Dodd-Frank represents the greatest imposition on our business enterprises than all Obama era regulations combined,” (Jeb)Hensarling said Thursday morning in a briefing with reporters. “In many respects, it was not a response to the financial crisis, but a grab bag of leftist

TUESDAY 6/6/17 CALLS TO ACTION: The only time I’ll ever be anti-CHOICE

FEDERAL: Keep Wall St from creating another economic crisis like we had in 2008 by opposing the Financial CHOICE Act and supporting the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau The Financial CHOICE Act seeks to revoke the expansive financial regulations passed under President Obama after the 2008 financial crisis The bill would remove the power through which