Former RCDP Chair Jim Meredith Runs for 6th District Executive Committee Chair

The following is a statement from Jim Meredith, candidate for NC 6th Congressional District Executive Committee Chair:

For delegates to the Democratic NC6 Convention this coming Saturday. My name is Jim Meredith and I have decided to run for chair of the NC6 District Democratic Party Executive Committee. At the convention we will be voting on new district officers and on resolutions submitted from the county conventions this past April. Some of you already know me, and several of you have heard me express what I think we need to do in the 6th District as we move toward the 2018 elections. I have been a political activist for several years and I just completed serving 3 consecutive terms as Randolph County Democratic Party Chair, 2011 to 2017.

Given the ongoing dangerous behavior of the Trump administration and the collusion of the Republican Congress, including the devastating health care bill passed in the House, there must be a change in Washington. The need is obvious and we will never have a better time to Replace Mark Walker than in 2018. In the Sixth District, Democrats must reach out to the entire spectrum of eligible voters regardless of party affiliation, age, race, ethnicity or economic status. Progressive Democrats are the true friends and allies of the people, but in recent years, we have done a poor job of connecting with them, especially in rural areas and “red counties.” What is going on in the Sixth District is typical of what is going on around the country and it is time to get our nation back on track towards equality and justice for everyone.

I want to devote my energy and organizing skills to working with you to turn the 6th district blue in 2018. I would very much appreciate your support this coming Saturday.

The convention will take place this coming Saturday, May 20, 2017 at the Craft Recreation Center Gymnasium, 3911 Yanceyville St, Greensboro, NC 27405. Registration begins at 9am. Meeting begins at 10am and will conclude by 1 pm.

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