MONDAY 8/7/17 CALLS TO ACTION: We’re all human rights activists

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Healthcare stuff

Now that the most recent efforts to repeal and replace (or just repeal) the Affordable Care Act have failed, it’s time to put pressure on our legislators in Washington DC to shore up the ACA for the benefit of all Americans. It’s time for Republicans in Congress to stop sabotaging it and start working for us.

Testing Paul Ryan’s damning attack on the Affordable Care Act: ‘Obamacare has failed’

Republicans call Obamacare a ‘failure.’ These 7 charts show they couldn’t be more wrong

If they don’t want to strengthen the ACA, then the only other acceptable option is to get on board with HR 676, which is the Medicare for All bill, sponsored by John Conyers of Michigan and co-sponsored by 116 other representatives. Personally, I like this idea. It’s simple, effective and there would be huge cost savings to taxpayers. What’s not to like? Nothing, unless you’re a Republican who gets all stopped up when a Democrat gets credit for anything good.

Call your members of Congress to let them know that now is the time to put all the partisan flailing aside and at the very least, work with Democrats to strengthen the ACA for the good of their fellow Americans.

Senators Richard Burr and Thom Tillis

Rep. Mark Walker

SCRIPT: This is ________ from _________.  I am calling to urge the Sen/Rep to join with Democrats to help strengthen and shore up the ACA for the good of all Americans. Republicans have been saying for years that the ACA is failing but the facts just do not bear it out. One of the main reasons the ACA has had such trouble is because of Republican efforts to sabotage the law and make it harder for people to have access. I am calling on the Sen/Rep to stop these attacks on my health insurance and get down to the business of representing me and my interests. If the Sen/Rep can’t do that, I will be working diligently to ensure that he will be on the unemployment line at the first opportunity. Thank  you.

Town Halls

It would also be a good idea to ask when the Senators or Representative will be holding town halls to speak directly to their constituents. Facebook Live sessions and telephone town halls are not effective at all, because it is too easy to tune out anyone they don’t want to talk to. If they are afraid to talk to the voters, then they should get into a line of work where they don’t have to deal with the public. I recommend something like manning a lighthouse in the North Sea or land surveying on far-flung atolls in the Pacific Ocean.



Racial Gerrymander

Representatives: Allen McNeill, Pat Hurley

Senators: Jerry Tillman, Rick Gunn

We’re still waiting on Republican legislators to deliver the redistricting maps. We know they’re dragging their feet in order to stay in power as long as possible. These people need to get on the ball. We North Carolinians have been disenfranchised enough by our so-called-legislators. Do your jobs.


SCRIPT: I am calling from Sen/Rep__________’s district. I would like to know what the hold-up is in completing the court ordered redistricting maps to correct the racial gerrymandering GOP legislators engaged in. Elected officials such as yourself should not be considered above the law. If I, a citizen of this state, ignored a court order I would be thrown in jail for contempt. Please explain how the General Assembly members charged with redrawing these maps are not in contempt of court as we speak. Do your jobs.


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Banquet Committee & Executive Committee Meeting Tuesday August 8, 2017. Banquet Committee meets at 6:00pm, Executive Committee meets at 7:00pm  Location to be announced.

Lunch & Learn is back! – Pete Glidewell, former candidate for NC’s 6th District, will be joining us to talk about Gerrymandering. Join us at the Asheboro Library in the downstairs meeting room at 12PM on Monday August 14th.

RC Democratic Women’s Monthly Breakfast Meeting – August 26, 2017 9:30am at the Archdale Public Library 10433 S Main St, Archdale, NC 27263  Bring a breakfast item to share if you like.

The Democratic Women of North Carolina invite you to the 57th Annual State ConventionSeptember 22-24, 2017, in Winston-Salem at the Hawthorne Inn & Conference Center.

SAVE THE DATE: 9th Annual Defending Democracy Blue Jean Gala – Saturday September 23, 2017, 6:00PM – The Exchange 204 S Fayetteville St, Asheboro, NC  Speakers and entertainment to be announced.

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