Voters! You need to know …

There is a letter being distributed in the community written by Rick Smith, Chairman of the Randolph County Republican Party, that tells voters that the Asheboro City Schools are on a path to teaching “Critical Race Theory.”

FACT: This is simply untrue and a manufactured crisis. “CRT” is a theoretical platform for conducting collegiate-level research. Supt. Dr. Aaron Woody has said repeatedly that CRT is not, and will not, be taught in Asheboro City Schools.

The letter also mischaracterizes the district’s recently created Equity and Inclusion plan and tries to scare voters with mentions of Black Lives Matter and white supremacy.

FACT: The Equity and Inclusion plan is a three-year plan focused on eliminating obstacles to education for ALL students, specifically targeting those who need additional support for any reason. The plan is
informed by the Board of Education’s Race and Equity Policy, which the ENTIRE Board of Education worked together to review and which the board approved UNANIMOUSLY in 2020.

Finally, the letter says that it is critical that voters only vote for the candidates from one political party in the Board of Education election.

FACT: The Board of Education is a non-partisan body whose candidates are not listed with any party affiliation on the ballot. The best candidates for the board should be elected based on their qualifications and potential contributions to support our students and educators, not solely based on party affiliation or political agenda.

If you feel you need to see a copy of the original letter, please reply to this email. I will send it to you privately, but I refuse to give the nonsense in that letter a broader audience than it already has.

Thank you for your time,
Diane F. Hubbard
Chair, Randolph County Democratic Party