URGENT CALL TO ACTION: NCGOP Legislators Commit Early Voting Shenanigans….Again.

Folks, we need your help, immediately. Senator Jerry Tillman and his buddies are at it again.  They have filed a bill, S325, which will make it harder for you to vote early come November.

We need you to [quickly!] read the following information and then call your legislators in Raleigh. I mean it. Clog up those phone lines about this. They have gotten away with these dirty tactics for too long.


Rep Pat Hurley 919-733-5865
Rep Allen McNeill 919-715-4946

If you don’t see this until after 4:30, call anyway, and chew them out!
Here’s Sen Jerry Tillman’s number also: 919-733-5870

Then, we need you to write letters to the editors of the Courier-TribuneThe High Point Enterprise, The Greensboro News and Record and any other paper you can think of about these shady tactics. The NCGOP should not be able to get away with this sort of behavior!

GOP proposal would drop final Saturday from early voting – “Under the proposal, which: 919-733-5870could be on the House floor as early as Thursday afternoon, [this is happening TODAY at 4:30, so call NOW] voting this fall would start on Wednesday, Oct. 17, and end on Friday, Nov. 2. Early voting sites would be open 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. each weekday during that period, and counties could set their own hours for any weekend voting.

But House Rules Chairman David Lewis, R-Harnett, the sponsor of the bill, said all sites in each county would have to be open at the same time.

“When an early site is open, they are all open,” Lewis said.”

What does this mean? It means that supporters of this bill are trying to overload the system. All early voting sites would be required to be open 12 hours each day which that would put a strain on local Boards of Election to find poll workers for those shifts. So, if one location is closed because of lack of workers, then all locations must be closed. This will obviously cut down on the number of hours that early voting sites will be open and available for folks, especially working folks, to vote.

Early voting proposal would take away a popular day

They also want to do away with the final Saturday of early voting because the objective is to prevent voters from exercising their right and that last Saturday is always busy.  “Democracy North Carolina, a nonprofit concerned with election law, said nearly 200,000 people cast ballots on the last Saturday of early voting in 2016, and that the last Saturday is disproportionately used by African-American voters.”

This illegal “emergency” session was called for one purpose only: to make it harder for you to vote in November. The NCGOP sees the writing on the wall. They know that North Carolinians are tired of their stupidity and will most likely throw them out on their ears. They are determined to screw up as much as they can before they leave. That is what this bill S325 is all about.

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