FRIDAY 8/11/17 CALLS TO ACTION: Distractions

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Fire & fury? More like distract & divert.

We’ve surely all seen the posturing the so-called President has been doing of late with regards to North Korea. Frankly, I wondered if we’d be neck deep in nuclear war when I woke up Thursday morning. Later on yesterday Trump issued this little nugget:

That whooshing sound you hear is my eyes rolling all the way back in my head. This administration wouldn’t know foreign policy and diplomacy if it crawled up and bit them on their Korean Peninsula. Only weak and ineffective people have to resort to bullying and threats to get their point across.

President Trump Threatens North Korea Yet Again


I wonder what he could be trying to divert our attention from?

Oh, right. We just found out about this.  

FBI conducted predawn raid of former Trump campaign chairman Manafort’s home


“The search warrant requested documents related to tax, banking and other matters. People familiar with the search said agents departed the Manafort residence with a trove of material, including binders prepared ahead of Manafort’s congressional testimony.”

“To get a judge to sign off on a search warrant, prosecutors must show that there is probable cause that a crime has been committed.”


Turns out Paul Manafort was the person who gave up the goods on Don Jr.’s “adoptions” meeting with that ever-expanding group of Russians.

Manafort Alerted Authorities to Donald Trump Jr.’s Russia Meeting

Paul Manafort, former campaign manager to Donald Trump, tipped off authorities to the controversial meeting between Trump’s son and a Russian lawyer promising damaging information about then-Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, Bloomberg News reported Thursday.

I’m surprised he’s not stomping about, demanding Manafort’s head on a platter. I guess instead he thought it was a good idea to threaten North Korea, who is already threatening us via Guam. Also, I’m pretty sure Trump had no idea before yesterday that Guam is a US territory.


So, what can we do?

Same thing we always do. Call our member of Congress. Let them know in no uncertain terms that risking WWIII is not an option just because the President need to distract from his and his friends’ misdeeds with the Russians. Congress needs to rein in the President and they need to do it yesterday. We are watching closely to see which Senators and Representatives work for the safety of Americans and which ones play fast and loose with out national security. We won’t forget come election day, either.

In closing out the federal section for the week, I’d like to sum up this little diatribe of mine with one final thought:



Good news!


“Of elected officials, only Democratic Governor Roy Cooper has a favorable image. Respondents give him a 15-point positive rating, 48% to 33%. The top elected Republicans, US Sens. Thom Tillis and Richard Burr, are both upside down. Voters like Burr a little more. His approval rating is 34 positive, 42% negative. Tillis is only 28% positive with 45% holding an unfavorable opinion of him. And fully half of the people have an unfavorable opinion of Donald Trump while only 44% view him favorably.”

Well, whoda thunk it? North Carolinians don’t like it when you turn our state into a economic and cultural wasteland by subverting every single democratic institution you come across. Maybe legislators should stop working for ALEC, Art Pope and the Kochs and start working for the people they represent. What a novel idea.



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