I’m voting for Gwen!

Gwen Williams is one of only two of this year’s Asheboro City Schools BOE candidates who has experience teaching in public schools. Of those two, she is the only one who also has experience as a public school principal, and she has seen firsthand the effects of federal, state, and local policies on teachers and students. Gwen Williams is also the only candidate who has taught school overseas, having taught in an international school for four years.

With a BS in Math and Science, MS in Educational Leadership and Supervision, and her EDS in K-12 Curriculum Development, Ms. Williams is the most qualified candidate running for the Board of Education this year, and she fully supports open and accountable government.

In addition to her many professional qualifications, Ms. Williams has been a pillar of service. After her retirement from Asheboro City Schools, she has continued to volunteer in her community, with her church, and working with students.

Those of us who know her know that Gwen will work just as hard for all Asheboro City Schools students, families, and teachers as she already does for her church and others in her community. We need Gwen Williams on the Asheboro City Schools’ Board of Education.

Susie Scott
Asheboro, NC

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