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Randolph County Commissioner:

District 2 – Bob Kollm – Bob Kollm Facebook

District 3 – Elworth Cheek – Elworth Cheek Facebook

District 4 – Bob Morrison – Bob Morrison FacebookBob Morrison Website




NC Senate:

Senate District 26 – Bill McCaskill – Bill McCaskill FacebookBill McCaskill Website




NC House:

District 70 – Mary Rulli – Mary Rulli for NC House Facebook, Mary Rulli Website




District 78 – Jim Meredith – Jim Meredith for NC House Facebook, Jim Meredith Website





District Court Judge:

Brooke Schmidly – Committee to Elect Brooke Schmidly FacebookBrooke Schmidly Website



US Congress:

6th Congressional District – Ryan Watts – Watts for Congress Facebook, Watts for Congress Website



NC Supreme Court:

Anita Earls – Anita Earls Facebook, Anita Earls Website


NC Court of Appeals:



John Arrowood – Incumbent – John Arrowood Facebook, John Arrowood Website




Allegra Collins – Allegra Collins Facebook, Allegra Collins Website



Toby Hampson – Toby Hampson Facebook, Toby Hampson Website

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