Your Precinct needs you at your annual precinct organization meeting!


We encourage all registered Democrats in Randolph County to attend your annual precinct meeting. This year we’ll be electing officers to serve a two year term.  Each precinct needs at least 5 people to organize their precinct, and they will also need to elect three officers: Chair, Vice-chair, and Secretary.  If your precinct is unorganized, you will have no representative on the County Executive Committee and no vote on important matters such as nominating Board of Election members and naming replacements should a candidate for elected office withdraw.  You will also be electing your delegates to the 2019 Randolph County Democratic Convention and have the opportunity to present local resolutions for the issues you care about.



Even if you do not wish to or cannot serve as a precinct officer, we need your vote and voice to organize.

You will need to attend the meeting for your precinct.  To find it, use the State Board of Elections website: .  After entering your name and county (you may also have to indicate that you are not a robot), select your name from the list that pops up. When the Voter Details page appears, your precinct will be in the upper right corner under Jurisdictions

For more information, email or leave a message at (336) 629-9003.

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