Candidate Speed Dating Announced

Join us for Candidate Speed Dating at 7:00pm on October 8, 2018 at Democratic Headquarters, 114 Sunset Avenue, Asheboro.

We will place attendees in small groups with one candidate. When the bell rings, candidates will switch tables and you’ll have the opportunity to talk to someone different. It’s up to the voters at the table to decide how each block of time is spent. You may ask questions, discuss issues or debate policy. It’s up to you! The candidate’s limited time at each table ensures that he or she must stick to the most important facts and not veer off into the weeds. Light refreshments will be served.

Confirmed candidates in attendance will be:

  • NC Senate: Bill McCaskill
  • NC House: Jim Meredith
  • Randolph County Commissioner: Elworth Cheek, Bob Morrison, and Bob Kollm
  • District Court Judge: Brooke Schmidly

Invited but unconfirmed as of yet:

  • US Congress 6th District: Ryan Watts