Thank You to All Who Attended the 2017 Convention

The Randolph County Democratic Party is proud to announce that our yearly convention on Saturday, April 8, went off without a hitch. Democrats from around the county came together to elect new officers, vote on resolutions to send to the 6th District Convention, and discuss some of the issues affecting North Carolinians.

The social and sign in hour began with coffee provided by Lois Bohnsack and cookies from Susie Scott. After the meeting convened, Elworth Cheek gave the invocation and Boots Howard led the Pledge of Allegiance. Outgoing Chair Jim Meredith said a few words of encouragement, then invited Bob Morrison, former President and CEO of Randolph Health, to speak to the group about what he sees for the future of healthcare in North Carolina and the United States. Margaret Megerian, the Democratic member of Randolph County’s Board of Elections, gave the group an update on current legislation in the General Assembly regarding voter rights and access.

All precinct delegates present were elected to be delegates to the 6th District Convention by unanimous consent.  A new executive committee was elected. After calls for nominations from the floor, of which there were none, the slate of candidates selected by the nominating committee was elected with unanimous consent. They are as follows: Susie Scott, Chair; Chip Foust, 1st Vice Chair; Cathy Snow, 2nd Vice Chair; Diane Hubbard, 3rd Vice Chair; Ruth Scanlan, Secretary; Lois Bohnsack, Treasurer. Outgoing Chair Jim Meredith was presented with a framed certificate and card signed by all in attendance honoring his tireless work over the past twelve years for the Randolph County Democratic Party. We look forward to seeing what Jim’s future endeavors will be.

We then moved on to the adoption of resolutions with Chair Susie Scott leading the meeting. There were a broad range of topics for the resolutions, from requiring only scientifically valid curriculum to be used in public schools to changing the manner in which Randolph County’s Sheriff is elected. There was some discussion on resolutions pertaining to the Electoral College and the National Popular vote. Visit to view all resolutions.

Shortly thereafter, the meeting adjourned. The Randolph County Democratic Party wishes to thank the Randolph County Sheriff’s Department for their help and hospitality during our use of the courthouse for this convention.


Sarah Megerian in a fabulous hat!

Getting ready to convene.

Bob Morrison

Jim Meredith and Bob Morrison


Margaret Megerian giving us information about new voting legislation.

Susie Scott takes the helm.

Susie Scott and Diane Hubbard present Jim Meredith with a Certificate of Appreciation for his many years of work for the RCDP.

Thank you, Jim, for all your hard work!