WEDNESDAY 7/19/17 CALLS TO ACTION: Beware of Zombies




It’s dead….for now.





Mitch McConnell refuses to pull the plug on stalled Obamacare repeal plan – autostart video

The opposition that trickled out into the public Tuesday reinforced a painful reality for many Republicans to swallow — that after years of railing against Obamacare, there is now not enough will within the party to pursue wholesale repeal of the law.

Oops. Well, what do you know. There might actually be a couple of Republicans who have begun to grow a precursor to a spine when it comes to standing up to their Majority Leader. I wonder what they have in common?

In short order, Sens. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia and Susan Collins of Maine said they oppose McConnell’s proposal.

Oh, so the women of the Senate who were locked out of the process have killed this thing. Good for them. This is a Democratic page, but I’m adult enough to give credit where credit is due.


The House GOP is not happy about this failure by the Senate.

House GOP boils over in anger after Senate failure on healthcare – autostart video

“There is a lot of frustration, borderline anger I guess, at what really has to be described as some level of incompetence to be able to get together and get something done,” Rep. Mark Walker, R-N.C., who heads the conservative Republican Study Committee, told the Washington Examiner.


“I’m kind of shocked because they bent over backwards to do a lot of compromising to get the moderate votes and even with all of that, a bunch of moderates couldn’t get there,” said Rep. Dave Brat, R-Va., a conservative. “After seven years and 50 repeal votes, it strains credulity and rationality in my mind.”

So sorry your fun got ruined. We know how you dream about throwing 24+ million people off of their health insurance. You all have been frothing at the mouth for the implementation of the dreaded DEATH PANELS since Sarah Palin made them up.

And here’s a fun little Twitter thread, if you’re into laughing at Mitch McConnell’s pain – Longtime DC Insider Just Exposed A Republican Revolt Against McConnell (TWEETS)

Just because this version of the Republican Insurance Plan is dead, doesn’t mean we can be complacent. We must continue to hold Burr and Tillis’ feet to the fire.

SCRIPT: My name is _________ from __________ in NC. I am calling to let Sen. _______ know that I am absolutely appalled by not only the way Senate Republicans have gone about trying to repeal and replace the ACA, but that they would consider only repeal without any replacement at all. It is obvious to anyone paying attention that Republicans in Congress never had any plan, workable or otherwise, for replacement during all those attempts at repeal over the past 7 years. I am someone who has benefited greatly from coverage under the Affordable Care Act. Please let the Senator know that I will be working diligently to make sure that he and his Republican colleagues will be on the unemployment line at the nearest opportunity. Thank you for your time.



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