WEDNESDAY 7/26/17 CALLS TO ACTION: Motion to proceed


Let’s start with a statement from poor, put upon Thom Tillis:

Well, that was three paragraphs of lies. I am shocked that a partisan hack like Thom Tillis would stretch the truth for his own ends. Tillis is doubly complicit. He was party to the denial of Medicaid expansion funds while he was Speaker of the NC House. Now, in the US Senate, he once again is using his skills as a partisan hack to make sure North Carolinians and Americans will not have access to health insurance.

We all know how this will go now. A bunch of old, white men will get together in a locked room, cobble together some concessions for certain Senators in the party to get them on board with it. Then they’ll all get together for a big partisan hack party and vote to throw millions off their insurance for the sake of some tax cuts and because they hate Barack Obama more than they love America.

Here’s some information that Thom Tillis and Richard Burr don’t really care about.  Use it in your calls to the Senators to let them know what they’re in denial about.  North Carolina is predicted to have the 4th highest number of additional deaths from loss of coverage.

Contact Your Senators

SCRIPT: My name is _________ from __________ in NC. I am calling to let Sen. _______ know that I am disgusted by the way Senate Republicans have handled the issue of healthcare for Americans.If and when this sorry excuse for a healthcare plan comes before the Senate, the only acceptable vote will be a “NAY.”  I am someone who has benefited greatly from coverage under the Affordable Care Act. I do not, however, benefit from the tax cuts for wealthy people which all the plans put forward so far contain. Please let the Senator know that I will be working diligently to make sure that he and his Republican colleagues will be on the unemployment line at the nearest opportunity.


Yesterday, shortly after Republicans voted to proceed with debate on a bill they have yet to see or read, Senate Democrats came outside to talk to protesters gathered there. Senator Bernie Sanders addressed the American people:




From Stronger NC:


The North Carolina State Board of Elections and Ethics (NCSBOE) is seeking public comment to proposed rule changes now through July 31, 2017.

Stronger NC has created this toolkit to help you better understand the changes as well as our recommended responses so you can provide feedback and public comment.



Don’t forget Wednesday is the first NCGA redistricting meeting that no one seems to have an agenda for yet. Suspicions are high that this meeting was called merely as a check mark for the NC GOP ahead of the court hearing on Thursday. If you’d like to attend, details can be found here along with additional background info.

Be Right There is “calling for a General Protest Action with Progress NC, NC Voters for Clean Elections, Democracy NC, and ACLU  on Wednesday, 7/26, 1:30 PM at the Legislative Office Building in Raleigh.”


Visit our new and improved calendar for more events coming up!

Banquet Committee & Executive Committee Meeting Tuesday August 8, 2017. Banquet Committee meets at 6:00pm, Executive Committee meets at 7:00pm  Location to be announced.

Lunch & Learn is back! – Pete Glidewell, former candidate for NC’s 6th District, will be joining us to talk about Gerrymandering. Join us at the Asheboro Library in the downstairs meeting room at 12PM on Monday August 14th.

RC Democratic Women’s Monthly Breakfast Meeting – August 26, 2017 9:30am at the Archdale Public Library 10433 S Main St, Archdale, NC 27263  Bring a breakfast item to share if you like.

SAVE THE DATE: 9th Annual Defending Democracy Blue Jean Gala – Saturday September 23, 2017, 6:00PM – The Exchange 204 S Fayetteville St, Asheboro, NC  Speakers and entertainment to be announced.

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