Call to Action: Your input is needed!

Make your voice heard!

As you may have heard, Randolph County’s early voting plan was not decided upon by our county Board of Elections.  The plans put forward at the county level will now be submitted to the State Board of Elections and Ethics Enforcement. The Board is asking for public comments on early voting in counties whose plans were not unanimously approved at the county level.

WFDD – State Opens Public Comments For Early Voting Plans

We need folks from Randolph County to go to the State Board’s online form and give your comment on why we need a fourth early voting site in the Eastern half of the county. Most likely it would be located at Franklinville UMC. Expanded Saturday voting is also something that would be helpful. You may also want to give input on Sunday voting, which is also something that we Democrats support wholeheartedly.

It has been rare, in the past few years, for the state to ask for our guidance and input. Don’t let this opportunity to say your piece pass by.

The comment period runs through August 2.

Online portal info for one-stop plan comments – State BoE&EE Site

UPDATE: Here are the three plans that have been submitted for evaluation by the State Board of Elections

RandolphDemPlan1 – This plan calls for a fourth early voting site at Franklinville UMC in the eastern half of Randolph County and one day of Saturday voting on November 3.

RandolphDemPlan2 – This plan calls for three early voting sites, Asheboro, Randleman and Archdale, as have been used in recent past elections but three Saturday voting times have been proposed; October 20, October 27 and November 3.

RandolphRepPlan – This plan calls for the usual three early voting sites, Asheboro, Randleman and Archdale and one day of Saturday Voting on November 3.

🚨 Direct link to the Google Form for your input. 🚨

You will be asked to enter the following information. Starred items are required in order to submit the form.

  • County of Residence *
  • Name *
  • Organization
  • Email Address
  • Comment relates to non-unanimous one-stop plan in the following county: *
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If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email We’ll be glad to help you out.

Thank you all, from the bottom of our hearts, for your help and participation. We are fortunate to have your help in trying to keep Randolph County from completely sinking into the swamp of unrest, bigotry and hatred that the gang of extremists in our national and state legislatures are trying to drag us into.