? Emergency Health Care Call to Action ?

Senate Majority Leader and angry turtle Mitch McConnell has said that he wants to hold a vote on Trumpcare today. This vote absolutely must fail. If Americans have any hope at all of being able to afford to visit their doctors in the future this vote must fail. Whatever it is Senate Republicans throw at us, it can’t be good and THIS VOTE MUST FAIL.



John Cornyn of Texas wants to make sure John McCain gets an opportunity to vote to take away health insurance from 23 million Americans while undergoing insured treatments for brain cancer. He’s even volunteered to rent an RV so McCain can ride to his Senate vote in comfort and safety. Too bad poor and middle-class Americans can’t get chauffeured rides. Hell, they don’t even want us to have access to health care. What happened to promoting the general welfare?



Contact Your Local, State and Federal Representatives


The Trumpcare Ten

We’re not in a state that has a Senator who is on the fence or who is in danger of losing their seat next year. You can, however, send this link to friends who live in the ten states who are in play: Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Louisiana, Maine, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. There are also things you can do if, like us, you live in a state with Senators who are already on the Trump Train.


The Senate is trying to do what the House of Representatives did in May: jam through its TrumpCare bill without an honest and open discussion about its full impact on American families.

The TrumpCare bill (Better Care Reconciliation Act, or BCRA) would strip coverage from at least 22 million people and cut Medicaid by $772 billion, in order to give hundreds of billions of dollars in tax breaks to the wealthy and corporations. It would also undermine critical protections for people with pre-existing conditions, defund Planned Parenthood, and raise premiums for American families.


Die-In at the Capitol on Monday

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